Ron DeSantis was just handed one set of numbers that put a big smile on the Governor’s face

Sep 23, 2022

There’s less than seven weeks left until the November Midterm elections.

Democrats from across the country and their allies in the Fake News Media are waging an all-out war on Ron DeSantis.

But Ron DeSantis was just handed one set of numbers that put a big smile on the Governor’s face.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis became the most popular Republican elected official in the country during the pandemic when he stood up and rejected Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci’s COVID tyranny.

DeSantis kept Florida open for business, prevented schools from forcing children to wear masks, and banned vaccine mandates in the Sunshine State.

Once the pandemic ended, DeSantis became even more popular with Republican voters when he fought back and scored a major victory against the Left’s woke ideology.

Ron DeSantis is now considered a top contender for the GOP Presidential nomination in 2024, whether Donald Trump runs or not.

However, DeSantis is facing his own re-election for Governor in November, where he is taking on Democrat Charlie Crist.

But Democrats are facing a different DeSantis than the one who barely edged out a narrow 0.4% victory over Democrat Andrew Gillum in the 2018 General Election.

DeSantis translated his rise to stardom into massive fundraising success, with the Florida Governor shattering an all-time fundraising record for Governor by raising more than $218 million for his reelection campaign.

This is 12 times more than the $17 million raised by Democrat Charlie Crist’s campaign.

With less than seven weeks left until Election Day, DeSantis also enjoys a comfortable lead over Charlie Crist in the polls.

According to a new poll by Suffolk University/USA Today, Ron DeSantis is currently leading Charlie Crist by 48 to 41 percent.

DeSantis also has high approval ratings, with 53 percent of voters approving of his performance as Governor.

52 percent of voters have a favorable view of DeSantis, with 42 percent viewing him negatively.

But Charlie Crist’s approval ratings are underwater, with 43 percent of voters holding an unfavorable view of him compared to just 42 percent who view him favorably.

Democrats spent the last two years viciously attacking Ron DeSantis and trying to make him out to be some type of evil tyrant in the eyes of voters.

But Florida voters clearly see through the lies and smears.

And Charlie Crist and the Democrats will need nothing short of a miracle to retire DeSantis in November.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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