This new radio ad smearing Ron DeSantis for opposing Biden’s border crisis will leave you red with rage

Feb 16, 2022

The radical Left has viciously attacked Ron DeSantis over his opposition to Biden’s COVID tyranny.

But pro-amnesty Democrats just turned their crosshairs on DeSantis.

And this new radio ad smearing Ron DeSantis for opposing Biden’s border crisis will leave you red with rage.

The crisis at the southern border is growing worse by the day.

Thanks to Biden’s pro-amnesty rhetoric and open-border policies, record-breaking numbers of illegal aliens are entering the country.

In Del Rio, Texas, Border Patrol agents recently apprehended more than 2,000 illegal aliens, including unaccompanied children, during a 48-hour period.

During the month of December, Border Patrol agents apprehended a staggering 170,186 illegal aliens, which is a more than 139 percent increase from the same month the previous year.

With Biden refusing to take the issue seriously, several Republican Governors are taking action at the state-level to try to help solve the illegal immigration crisis.

Last September, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed an executive order that prohibits state agencies from assisting the Biden administration with transporting illegal immigrants.

And during his recent State of the State Address, he proposed a six-point plan designed to stop Biden’s border crisis in Florida, including cutting state ties with facilities housing illegal aliens and outlawing businesses with the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who aid in illegal immigration.

Of course, this infuriated the radical Left, who already hated Ron DeSantis for his opposition to Biden’s COVID tyranny.

And on Tuesday, Spanish-language radio ads started running in Florida falsely claiming that Ron DeSantis is trying to close down homes that hold illegal alien children.

The ad, which is funded by the left-wing group, “American Business Immigration Coalition Action,” accuses DeSantis of trying to close shelters that house refugees fleeing Communist Cuba.

DeSantis fired back, saying it was “quite frankly disgusting” to compare Cuban children who fled to Miami 60 years ago to those currently rushing across the southern border from Central America.

Not only that, but as DeSantis also pointed out, what the media labels “migrant children” are mostly males who are “military age,” instead of “some babies dropped over the border” as the Left tries to claim.

This latest attack against Ron DeSantis only shows how desperate the Left is to defeat him in November.

But so far, their attacks only make him stronger, with the latest polls showing DeSantis cruising to an easy re-election victory.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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